Glenbrook Cocker Spaniels

Family Photos

I would like to have my own resting cocker mountain view.

Welcome to our Family Photo Album.
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Gatsby in the garden
Glenbrook Great Tantation
Meden Agan Mr Magoo imported France
Glenbrook Rose Garnet
Glenbrook Glittering Jazz
Glenbrook Golden Lily
Glenbrook Night Glow
Canigou Brigh Tan Beautiful imported UK
Thought I would buy the puppies a bed but the broom seems to work.
Glenbrook girls star in the Plush Furniture advertisement

Mister Magoo
Gatsby - Wasn't me...
Gatsby in his spa
Trish - black and tan sweet as can be.
Trish. Glenbrook Grea Tan Small
Goo Goo Doll - IRIS
Glenbrook Glittering Jazz
Glenbrook Grand Performance - Oscar
Daughter - Rachael with Glenbrook Grea Tan Small
Glenbrook Greased Lightning - Rizzo
Glenbrook Night Glow - Archie
Glenbrook Rose Garnet
Rizzo in the garden. How could you growl at the face!



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