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Our dogs were the stars of the 2016 Plush Furniture Advertisement. 

Featured are Ch. Glenbrook Golden Days, Glenbrook Rose Garnet,

Ch. Glenbrook Golden Lily and Glenbrook Golden Caramel

All my puppies are vet checked, vaccinated, wormed and microchipped and are DNA tested for PRA, FN & AON and will not be affected by these heredity diseases. I welcome those interested in adopting a puppy to visit us at home to meet me and my dogs. I do not run a kennel - I am a recreational breeder and my puppies are born and raised in my home.  Once the puppies are three weeks old, new owners are able to visit on Sundays to meet with me and get to know the puppies. Glenbrook will provide a range of support  to new families including diet information, basic grooming and puppy training.


My puppies are raised inside my home.  During the 8 weeks that I have them, I aim to create new learning experiences by introducing toys, climbing frames and tunnels.  I aslo introduce them to crate training, being in the garden, travelling in the car, meeting new people,  and toilet training.  I believe that all these experiences help create a well-balanced puppy.


Families are provided with:

  • a detailed information sheet regarding their puppy / dog including details of the sire and the dam (parents)
  • a General Health Check Certificate,
  • Vaccination Card
  • Microchip Information necessary for registration with Central Animal Records (CAR) and your local council 
  • an agreement of sale for each puppy / dog sold as per the requirements of Dogs Victoria
  • a pedigree certificate  for each puppy / dog sold (mailed to new families once processed by Dogs Victoria)  
  • 6 weeks puppy insurance through PETPLAN
  • Advance Puppy food starter pack
  • snood - ear protection whilst eating

NB: All information for the new onwer can be found on our web page.

I enjoy keeping contact with our new families and I invite them to bring their pup back at 6 months for a complimentary groom and 'catch-up'.  I will continue to offer grooming support if our puppy families require support in this areas or can assist in 'training' you in grooming techniques. Regular grooming is available for all our new puppy owners.

We are Australian Kennel Council approved recreational breeders. 

Our specific details required for breeding and selling puppies / dogs are listed below.  

Registered Breeder

Janette Llewellyn    


Mornington  Peninsula







[email protected]

PER Source Number  


ANKC Registered Number




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Contact Details
Janette Llewellyn
Mornington Peninsula, VIC, Australia
Phone : 0409434996
Email : [email protected]


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